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Small Business Consultant

Assisting small businesses in maximising business value by implementing strategic business & financial goals, realising greater profits, discovering unexploited opportunities, and financial modelling for the future.

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All businesses no matter their size have a vision as well as a set of goals and objectives. The road map, or plan, to achieving their business’ vision, goals and objectives is known as the business’ strategy. It is management’s game plan for improving and strengthening the performance of their business to ultimately increase their business value. I provide businesses with the expertise and knowledge by assisting them with defining, setting, implementing and monitoring their business’ strategic blueprint.

My background:

I have over 17 years experience in business and have worked with, and in, a large number of different businesses across Australia. What do I do? Business, the old fashioned way. By creating trusted relationships to allow me to provide tailored and effective business solutions to all my clients. Businesses are quite different in so many ways and this requires advisors who take the time to understand the complexities of each business model.

My Goal? To add value to every client and business that I work with.

I have helped business owners:

Maximise their business value.
Discover unexploited potential within their business.
Implement strategic business and financial goals.
Improve efficiencies and realise greater profits through simple but effective strategies and solutions.
Discover hidden cash flows.
Provide guidance and assistance in all areas of business.


Worked with a large variety of businesses ranging from start-ups to businesses exceeding turnovers of $50M.
Implemented strategic business and finance changes across a variety of businesses and industry.
Assisted businesses in attaining double-digit growth in sales, gross profit margins and profit.
Created, developed and implemented a financial forecasting iPad application for small and medium businesses.
Managed an asset base in excess of $80M generating net incomes in the millions.
Overseen and facilitated the takeover and merger of small and medium businesses.
As a General Manager and Financial Controller taken poor performing businesses to highly profitable companies.
Developed a financial forecasting model for one of Australia’s largest banks that is used by retailers.

My expertise is in the following:

Financial and business modelling.
Management and financial reporting solutions.
Budgeting and financial analysis.
Profit improvement strategies.
Cash flow management and improvement strategies.
Improvement in business efficiencies.
Banking reviews, restructures and negotiations.

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