Budgeting and Financial Analysis
Budgeting & Financial Analysis

A budget is a necessity in a good business plan. It allows you to set financial targets and measure your performance. Budgets are a great way to assist in goal setting in a business’ overall business strategy.

The majority of businesses that I encounter do sometimes have some sort of a budget or forecast in place however the focus is usually on sales only and sometimes a profit and loss forecast without looking at the business’ cash flow and other balance sheet requirements. There is usually limited analysis of expected margins, overheads, cash flow, working capital requirements, funding arrangements, debtor collection, stock / inventory, debt repayments, equipment purchases and GST / BAS, superannuation and PAYG obligations.


I can assist your business in putting together detailed budgets through extensive financial analysis on past data as well as looking at the business’ future. The analysis completed will allow you, the business owner, to consider future scenarios and provide you with KPIs and goals to strive for within your business. As well as assisting you in completing your business’ budgets, I will also work with you in tracking your actual performance against your budget goals to ensure that your business stays on target.

Let me work with you in improving your current budgets through the following business and financial analysis: