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Business Strategy

What is business strategy? Basically business strategy is a long term plan of action for a business that is designed to achieve a set of goals and objectives. It is management’s game plan for improving and strengthening the performance of their business to ultimately increase business value.

A business strategy can be thought of as a road map for management to use in order to guide them to the organisations desired goals and objectives. In most cases all businesses have a desired set of goals they would like to achieve over a period of time however it is not usually documented and/or discussed clearly. A lot of the time, business owners have a fairly clear vision of where they want their company to be in the future but never communicate this within their organisation.

Having a clear business strategy does not guarantee success as unforseen circumstances and adverse conditions can always occur. This means that the strategy put in place needs to be frequently reviewed against all external and internal conditions to ensure the set of goals put in place are attainable and realistic.

I provide businesses with the knowledge and expertise by assisting them with defining, setting, implementing and monitoring these business strategies.

A business strategy should encompass all of the following depending on the organisations set of goals: